Sunday, September 11, 2011

OBX Trip (09-11-2011)

Our annual end-of-summer Outer Banks surf trip occurred September 7-11.  David, Kyle, Dan, Jace, Scooter, Lucas and Willie spent three days in Duck, NC enjoying epic surf as Hurricane Katia rolled by about 300 miles off the coast.  Although the surf was unreal, the photos below are primarily of the general "funtimes" and ridiculously awesome food!  (We're saving the surf pics and film footage for the movie premier on New Year's Eve!) 

 Lucas and Scooter amongst the debris from Hurricane Irene which passed by two weeks earlier.

Father and son; David and Kyle. 

 Scooter skimming the shorebreak.

 Scooter flying "out the back."

 David grilling some burgers.

 Scooter feeling right at home.

 Dan enjoying a "2 X's" after a long day in the surf.

 David on the mandolin.

 Lucas and David, jamming out.

 The TV's view of Scooter, Kyle and Jace.

 Ghost crab.

 David, Dan, Keith and Lucas ponder the paddle out.

 Scooter working hard to create some beacg art!

 Abstract beach art by Scooter, Keith and Lucas.

 Willie, Scooter, Kyle and Keith watching surf flicks on the computer.

 David's famous chicken bog, field peas and white bread!

 Keith "Stone" enjoying some good ole' chicken bog.

 Lucas, David and Jace, from the TV's perspective.

 Kyle, (showing off his amazing talents), and Dan enjoy dinner.

 Willie, Scooter and Keith.

 Kyle, Willie and David sharing a laugh.

David, peeling paint off the walls.


 Dan's famous Beaufort stew.



 Kyle, David and Scooter chowing down!

 The surf was epic... as was the food!

 Jace and dad, Dan, enjoying the "goodtimes."

 Scooter motoring through some corn!

 The rental house in Duck; about a 3 minute walk to the beach.