Sunday, October 23, 2011

Funtimes on the Beach! (10-23-2011)

Jack, Jo-Jo and Emma

Blond heads and bare feet.

Emma jumping over Jack and Jo-Jo

Emma, Jo-Jo and Jack.

Jo-Jo in the hole.

Emma digging.

State workers!

Matt hard at work while the kids enjoy a refreshing beverage!

Good job!

Emma, hard at it.

Jo-Jo with Kyle's busted volleyball.

Jack and "Wilson."

Jo-Jo on Jace's C4 9'9" SUP.  (He's 5 years old.)

Jo-Jo, like a pro.

Keith "Stone" on David and Kyle's Naish 9'5" SUP.

Jo-Jo working the shore break!

Emma goes for a paddle.

Anna with Lady Grace.

Emma on the 9'9" C4 SUP.  (She's 8.)


The latest addition to the Hamric family, Sugar the black lab.

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