Saturday, December 3, 2011

Golf at Thistle (12-03-11)

David, Kyle, Mike and Jace enjoy a round of golf at Thistle Golf Club.  (Thanks JTP!)  David and Mike teamed up for a 7-over-par 78, just edging out Kyle and Jace who combined for a 10-over-par 81.  Not bad for a couple of ole' geezers!  (In match play format, David and Mike finished 1-up on Jace and Kyle.)

 David, Jace, Mike and Kyle on the tee at Thistle Golf Club.

 David, hoping for relief.

 Mike, finding relief!

 Mike with a smooth swing on a par 3.

 Jace, stepping his game up.

 David with a classic follow-through on the par 3 finishing hole on the Stewart nine.

Mike, with a not-so-classic follow-through.  (But it ended up on the green!) 

 Kyle with a double whammy; in the sand and behind the bush!

 David and Mike assess David's chances...

And he's out! 

Mike sends a long one toward the hole as Kyle watches. 

 Kyle looks on as David eyes an approach to the green.

Golf Rule 1-2: "Upon failing to advance the ball past the ladies tee box, trousers must be lowered for each subsequent stroke until one proceeds beyond the ladies tee."  Kyle is simply following prtocol. 

A lot of excuses in that cart! 

 David, on the par-5 finishing hole on the MacKay nine.

 Kyle obliterates one!

 Jace prepares to go for the green as the sun begins to set.

David having a good ole' time. 

The par-5 finishing hole on the MacKay nine at Thistle Golf Club.

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