Sunday, November 13, 2011

Amy's New 7'3" Naish SUP (11-13-2011)

Traveled up to Kure Beach to pick up a 7'3" Naish Hokua SUP for Amy (and Jace).  Thanks to Dwight and Jacky for a great deal on an awesome board!  After grabbing the board, Amy and Jace went to Freeman Park at the north end of Carolina Beach for a quick test ride!

Always fun to drive on the beach!

Jace with the "new to us" Naish 7'3" Hokua.

Jace on a little fun one.  (Sorry for the graininess; forgot our camera, had to use ipod.) 

Amy enjoying a 70 degree November day!

 31 weeks pregnant!

Amy and Jace.

After about an hour at Freeman Park, we returned to Ocean Isle for a fun afternoon on the beach with David, Kyle, Anna, Jack, Joseph, John, Elijah and Ethan.  Jack and Joseph gave the 7'3" a spin.

Jo-Jo (5) posing for a picture on the 7'3" Naish Hokua.

Jo-Jo, with room to grow in that wetsuit!  (Also... notice the calf leash... around his waist!)

 Jo-Jo paddling hard!

 Jack (7) on the 7'3" Naish.

Jack is all smiles!  Check out a short video clip of Jack at

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