Sunday, November 20, 2011

Carolina Beach Surf Session (11-20-2011)

Kyle, Jace and Amy traveled to Freeman Park at the north of end of Carolina Beach, where they met up with Keith and Krista for a fun-filled beach day!

Crossing the Cape Fear river from Southport to Fort Fisher.

Jace and Amy (now 32 weeks pregnant) on the ferry. 

Kyle working on his paddle during the ferry ride. 

Keith "Stone," so smooth on the longboard! 

Keith "Stone." 

Amy and Krista enjoying a 70 degree November beach day. 

Keith jumps on Kyle's 9'5" Naish SUP. 

Keith; worn out! 

Random horse on the beach. 

Kyle on his 6'2" Firewire. 

Keith with a big bottom turn on a nice one. 


 Jace on Amy's Naish 7'3" SUP.

Kyle, on the way home, as seen from the drivers seat. 

Sea Gulls hitching a ride.  (Beats flying 4 miles!) 

 Big bird on channel marker.

Jace, enjoying the cruise back toward home.


  1. Keith, Kyle and Jace- Glad you caught it! Hope to see you at the water tower soon.

  2. Ralph, just give us a shout when you're headed this way! The more the better for the "party waves" at OIB!