Saturday, November 5, 2011

Surf Session at OIB (11-5-2011)

David, Kyle, Keith and Jace went out for a little surf session.  The waves were around waist high and breaking pretty well on the inside sandbar as the tide pushed in.  A strong NW wind made the session a little cold, but kept the wave faces resembly clean.  Fun was had by all!
Keith "Stone" working with a little wedge!

Jace, styling in some black socks.

Sorry for the graininess, but we had to include this one.  David, dropping-in on his own son!  Priceless...

 Kyle on a nice one, with father David in the foreground. (Sorry for graininess; using ipod with no zoom.)

David a.k.a "Kodiak" with his 9'6" Walden Magic Model.


  1. Rockin those socks bro! That what you wore while surfing? It has been overhead and clean for days on the south side! Strong offshore though.

  2. Not the socks. I did wear the beanie though! Wind was whipping that day!